Sweden, Denmark 2023
81 minutes
directed by: Carl Olsson

A magnificent visual poem by the young Scandinavian director Karl Olsson, the author of a unique style, that enchanted the audience at "The Magnificent Seven" in his exceptional "Patrimonium". In "Vintersaga", he develops and perfects his directing even more by creating impressive sights captured by long, firmly fixed, visually complex one shot scenes with participants trapped in time and space.

"Vintersaga" is a Swedish song from the eighties known throughout Scandinavia, a kind of Sweden's melancholic winter anthem. Carl Olsson transposes the lyrics of the song into 24 scenes shot all over Sweden during a long, dark winter. This remarkable fresco of the country and people, trapped by cold and melancholy, develops into a masterfully created collective portrait of a nation in the widest range of generations, social classes, events and sceneries. As the film unfolds in front of us, it discreetly but increasingly becomes a modern visual Scandinavian fairy tale about a snow-covered kingdom where time stands still. Observed always from a precisely chosen distance, with an intense, deeply pulsating rhythm, these enchanting scenes draw us into that melancholic world and the gloomy states of the Nordic soul in the darkness of endlessly long nights. But this observation does not escape a refined feeling for social analysis and the weight of existential questions about the meaning of everything. The author's elegance and flawless visual process integrate a deep understanding of people who are in front of the camera, filled with the feeling of being free to be who they are.

The verses of the chorus of the cult "Vintersaga" are silently present in the strange, enchanting, disturbing scenes: "It is then the big melancholy rolls in, and from the ocean blows an icy, bleak wind."

Carl Olsson

Born in 1984 in Kalmar, Sweden. He lives in Copenhagen and works primarily in Denmark and Sweden as a film director. From 2009 to 2013, he studied documentary film directing at the Danish National Film School (Den Danske Filmskole) in Copenhagen. He also studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts (Dramatiska Institutet) in Stockholm. In 2014, Carl Olsson was nominated for the Danish Academy Award (Robert Award) for his graduation film "Blessed be this Place".

Selected filmpography

  • MEANWHILE ON EARTH (Samtidigt på Jorden) 2020