In memory of Heddy Honigmann



Netherland,Germany, 2008
93 minutes
director: Heddi Honigmann

Oblivion is the story about Lima, the capital of Peru; about it's colourful area around the Presidential Palace and about people that you meet there. As we wander through the streets, we visit old restaurants and some small shops, we enter a few smart bars and we sit down in various plazas to watch and observe. We meet some moving characters who use poetry, real or mental juggling, dreams and creativity to resist being consigned to oblivion and against those who have sworn for centuries that they love their people, but who in reality they despise. The characters of the film look at history with a sense of humour and irony and give a twist to reality.

In the big street circus we'll find metaphors for much bigger circus that gives shows for decades on political scene and that shakes Peru and lives of people like devastating earthquakes. All that is mixed into an exotic cocktail, by a firm hand of the very witty film character, and the audience drinks it with big pleasure, but with bitter under-taste.

A film about poverty and poetry in a country plundered by the powerful.

Heddy Honigmann

Born in 1951 in Lima, Peru. She studied biology and literature at the University of Lima. She left Peru in 1973, traveled throughout Mexico, Israel, Spain and France, and studied film at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. She has been living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 1978. Heddy Honigmann is considered one of the most important documentary filmmakers in the world. Her films (short and long documentaries, but also short fictions and feature films) have travelled all around the world, been awarded at festivals and shown on retrospectives, such as in Toronto, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Minneapolis, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Ontario, Utrecht, Grasz, Chicago, and Berkeley among others. She has received major awards and career honours such as the Living Legend Award at IDFA (2013), the Hot Docs Outstanding Achievement Award (2007), the award for her Contribution to the Art of Documentary Filmmaking at the Thessaloniki Film Festival (2004) Greece, the Jan Cassies award from the Dutch National Fund for Cultural Films for Television (2003) Netherlands.

Selected filmography

  • METAL AND MELANCHOLY (Metaal en melancholie), 1992
  • GOODBUY (Tot ziens), 1995
  • O AMOR NATURAL, 1996
  • THE UNDERGROUND ORCHESTRA (Het ondergronds orkest), 1997
  • 2 MINUTS SILANCE, PLEASE (2 minuten stilte a.u.b.), 1998
  • CRAZY (Crazy), 1999
  • GIVE ME YOUR HAND (Dame la mano), 2004
  • PRIVATE (Priv√©), 2004
  • FOREVER, 2006
  • OBLIVION (El Olvido), 2008
  • AROUND THE WORLD IN 50 CONCERTS (Om de Wereld in 50 Concerten) 2014
  • BUDDY, 2018
  • 100UP, 2020
  • THERE IS NO PATH (No hay camino), 2021