Spain 2021
78 minutes
director: Pere Puigbert

This film with its beauty has conquered the whole of Spain going from festival to festival. Awarded as the best Spanish film in Valladolid and winner of the Latitud selection at Doc Barcelona.

If you want to hear the wind that makes all nature tremble, you must learn to respect the silence. The young poetically inspired Catalan author testifies about that deep respect through his exceptional visual style and brings us an enchanting meditative silence as the fullness of nature's breathing. "I am passionate about creating poetry through the camera (when I shoot) and through the assembly of images (when I edit)," says Pere Puigbert about himself, talking about the discreet yet powerful forces that move him in his work. With this film, he takes us to beautiful spaces of his native Catalonia, where we can completely surrender to the slow, soothing rhythms of nature. In changing of seasons, in carefully chosen details, we discover the fullness and intensity of life. A wise, gentle, caring grandmother who leads her great-grandson through secrets of the world, a dedicated shepherd, his flock and a dog, and a young woman pregnant with a new life will be our guides through meadows, orchards, groves and wastelands. Touching walnut shells, ripe apples, flickering leaves, sheep's fleece, they touch the secrets with which nature pulsates and they get empowered by energies that permeate the entire planet.

A film for a magnificent cinematic experience, an unrepeatable journey into spaces of primeval beauty and energy.

Pere Puigbert

Born in 1983 in Ventalló, Alt Empordà, Catalonia, Spain. Graduated in audiovisual and multimedia production from ERAM faculty at the University of Girona; in media production from the University of Northampton in the UK and specialized in non-linear digital editing for film, video and television at the IDEP College of Image and Design in Barcelona. He worked as an editor on film and television. As an author he is dedicated to nature as in the audiovisual project Anima Naturae, which won an award in 2014 and became a travelling audiovisual exhibition during 2015-16. Filmed several short documentaries. His film "Fluvius" from 2020 was presented as an important part of the interactive audio-visual exhibition about rivers. He works as a producer and as a lecturer at the ERAM faculty.

Selected filmography

  • THE WIND THAT MOVES US (El vent que ens mou), 2021