Serbia, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium, Qatar 2020
94 minutes
directed by: Mladen Kovačević

This is not a film about China. This is a film about people's dreams. This is a film about everything that makes a dream about China.

Wonderful and enchanting, this film immediately breaks through all barriers and introduces us to the very center of the intimate circle of dedicated manufacturers of New Year's decorations. The city of Yiwu, hidden by the shadow of huge Shanghai, every year in December, before Christmas in the western world, becomes one of the most important points on the map of the world for the success of Christian holiday. In that place, series and series of magical, shiny, colourful balls and decorations for Christmas trees around the world are created. This film reveals to us human touches that create colourful Christmas glow. With masterly created long one shot-scenes, Mladen Kovačević brings us closer to faces and secrets, personal stories, hidden desires, hopes. He introduces us to people who become close, dear, interesting to us. At the same time, this is a testimony about leaps in time, about the people who face the world that came out of their vague ideas about the future in which they turned up miraculously. All individual stories exceptionally fit into a vivid, dynamic composition of constant change and never-ending discoveries. Life captured by discreet observation is revealed to us in its exciting fullness and beauty.

A superb modern documentary that amazes with scenes shot for a real cinematic experience.

Mladen Kovačević

Born in 1979 in Loznica, SFR Yugoslavia, now Serbia. He studied film directing in London and Cape Town. From the beginning of his professional career, he has dedicated himself to working on documentaries. His films have been awarded and screened at domestic as well at important European and world festivals - Visions du Réel, IDFA, Hot Docs, CPH: DOX, FIDMarseille, International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Selected filmography

  • 2020 Merry Christmas, Yiwu
  • 2018 4 Years in 10 Minutes
  • 2016 Wall of Death, and All That
  • 2013 Unplugged



Finland, France, Morocco 2020
78 minutes
directed by: Mohamed El Abudi

Morocco. Vast desert. People living under tents. And a house like a grain of sand, the grain that becomes a pearl in a shell.

Mohamed El Aboudi comes to his native Morocco to follow a young teacher who arrives to the wasteland and tries to establish a school among the nomads - a school for children who by birth are not meant for education, yet only to repeat the lives of their fathers and mothers. This is the story of a name inscribed above the door of the small house in the desert, a name that brings joy, arouses curiosity, triggers children’s play and opens the way to new knowledge. The film introduces us to fascinating, cruel landscapes with a few people and children, while they carry together the centuries-old burden inscribed in the books of ancestral laws. Mohamed El Aboudi, with great talent of documentary observer, in a refined manner, discreetly, carefully not to interrupt the newly created sensitive bonds between the teacher and his students, reveals a whole world hidden behind tradition and customs, behind strict laws of survival. Gradually and always with respect, the author approaches school, classes and wonderful moments of school breaks, but also parents and families, their everyday routine, as well as dramatic events in which all fears about the survival of hope become fears about the survival of the community, nature, planet. Collisions of desires and prohibitions, games and obligations, joys and worries build an unusual saga of striking scenes and characters testifying how precious is the striving for new knowledge. A saga about strivings that are the only ones that truly change the world.

An enchanting documentary made about the school as a wonderful saving oasis.

Mohamed El Abudi

Born in 1961 in Morocco. He graduated in 1991 from the theatre group at the University of Fez and received his master's degree in 1997 from Bond University in Australia in the field of film and television. He lives and works in Finland. In 2006, Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE named him the best and most experienced director in the field of documentary film. He has made more than 30 short documentaries screened at Prix Europe and other festivals. He made his first feature-length documentary in 2012. The film premiered at the Locarno Film Festival, where it was awarded. In 2013, he received the highest Finnish state quality award for documentary and fiction.

Selected filmography

  • 2020 School of Hope
  • 2012 Dance of Outlaws



Great Britain 2020
75 minutes
directed by: Marc Isaacs

"The Filmmaker’s House" is masterly made film by one of the most important documentary authors in Great Britain, created in facing a space that we usually think of as a set of walls and things.

What makes the house we live in? Marc Isaacs presents his own house primarily as a place where film ideas and films live. And one of these films he makes in front of us and introduces us to unusual people who come from different parts of the city and the world, and invade at different times, announced and unannounced, creating together events in which they have different roles. All of these events unfold gradually - from simple everyday situations to unexpected ones, and each one brings some surprising blend or dramatic twist. Everyday life before us alternately becomes an amazing film and a surreal show. How brilliantly documented the unpredictability of life! Marc Isaacs's films are astonishing precisely when the author allows charismatic people to seemingly create their own stories in front of his camera which also participates in the events. Behind that illusion, the author carefully directs and guides the flow of the film with discreet directions, provoking and encouraging his heroes. They become a part of his house and his everyday life, he and his camera become an oneiric part of their existences.

This film is a manifesto of the power of documentary film to create captivating cinematic stories from simple scenes of reality.

Marc Isaacs

Born in 1967 in London. He studied at the University of East London. He began his career in documentaries first as an assistant on some of the most acclaimed programs for Channel 4 and the BBC. Soon he started directing on the same channels. Since 2001, he has made more than 10 creative documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. His films have won BAFTA, Grirson and Royal Television Society awards, as well as numerous awards from international film festivals. In 2008, Marc received an honorary doctorate from the University of East London for his documentary work. He had retrospectives in France, Israel and the UK. The label Second Run, which publishes award-winning films, released a box set of his complete film works. He has recently been appointed as an Associate Professor to run the Masters in Ethnographic and Documentary Film at University College London. His work has been included in numerous documentary books and academic studies.

Selected filmography

  • MEN OF THE CITY 2009
  • LIFTERS 2001
  • LIFT 2001



France, South Korea 2021
79 minutes
directed by: Oan Kim and Brigitte Bouillot

A superb documentary work that ranks in style with the films of some of the most important French authors.

This is a story that introduces us to the dark inner spaces of a man crucified between Korea and France, to the spaces of a personal history inextricably intertwined with the history of a nation, to the spaces of colours, paintings and painting, to the immeasurable space between the painter and the fluid surface of the canvas, to the microcosm of innumerable droplets. This is an exciting personal search and a refined essay on art and the artist. Together with Brigitte Bouillot, Oan Kim tells the story of his father, one of the most important contemporary artists in South Korea. This is the story about the dilemmas and secrets that the son faces when trying to make a study of the father, a study in which close up shots of his always unusually pensive father are intertwined with the shots of his work. This precisely captured meditative peace is filled with additional flow of oneiric fragments of drama and unrest. Authors create together the film as a perfectly constructed puzzle where the last, smallest piece will give the final meaning to the whole story. In a musically precise rhythm, in a slow pace, the authors build a real cinematic tension that keeps the viewers nailed from the beginning to the end of the film.

This is a film about a secret hidden in depths of a torn being who turned into a charismatic artist so that he could testify to the world about the beauty that rises above the dark abyss.

Brigitte Bouillot

Brigitte Bouillot is a filmmaker, photographer and scenographer based in Paris. she studied visual arts at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, in the audiovisual department. She co-founded the group La Bouillot Le Morand to design Art installations mixing photography, video and sound. She taught at the Beaux-Arts school in Paris and at École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Cachan) in the Images Department. In 2000, she co-founded Le Potager, a label that brings together directors, photographers and graphic designers to develop projects that combine photography and video for scenographic purposes. She has accompanied The Groupe Ouest (Film Lab), for photography, scenography and short documentary films since its creation in 2004.

Oan Kim

Born in 1974 in Paris. He is a filmmaker, photographer and musician. He studied video and photography at Paris National School of Fine Arts (École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts), and music composition at the Paris National Conservatory (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris). His work as a director ranges from video Art installations to institutional films and music videos. With twenty solo exhibitions and numerous group shows across the world, he alternates subjects close to traditional documentary and formal and conceptual experiments closer to visual arts. He is co-founder of the M.Y.O.P photography agency, created in 2005.

Selected collective filmography

  • The Man Who Paints Waterdrops 2021



Netherlands, Belgium, Norway 2020
92 minutes
directed by: Heddy Honigmann

One of the world's most important authors took on an incredible, unusual endeavor and made a unique film in her elegant style.

Heddy Honigmann is a documentary filmmaker who breaks through impenetrable walls with her warm, carefully measured and dedicated communication with people in her films. This time, she decided with considerable courage to make a film about people who have already entered the second century of their lives. Contrary to the incidental news that someone anonymous until then or someone famous, celebrated his hundredth birthday, this great film directly confronts us with fascinating characters full of passion, spirit and life. This is the unique document about active life of people at the beginning of their second century, valuable because it reveals to us people that we could read about in legends, but very few people could meet them in person. Heddy Honigmann masterfully introduces viewers to the active lives of her enchanting heroes who never cease to amaze us - from a woman who, as a bewildered girl, watched one of the greatest evils in history, to a man who passionately seeks an answer that will change the destiny of humanity. A sensational drummer, sexologist, philosopher, doctor, characters whose vitality gives this film a wonderful, exciting inner rhythm.

A precious documentary that reveals to us the depths of human experience and wisdom.

Heddy Honigmann

Born in 1951 in Lima, Peru. She studied biology and literature at the University of Lima. She left Peru in 1973, traveled throughout Mexico, Israel, Spain and France, and studied film at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. She has been living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 1978. Heddy Honigmann is considered one of the most important documentary filmmakers in the world. Her films (short and long documentaries, but also short fictions and feature films) have travelled all around the world, been awarded at festivals and shown on retrospectives, such as in Toronto, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Minneapolis, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Ontario, Utrecht, Grasz, Chicago, and Berkeley among others. She has received major awards and career honours such as the Living Legend Award at IDFA (2013), the Hot Docs Outstanding Achievement Award (2007), the award for her Contribution to the Art of Documentary Filmmaking at the Thessaloniki Film Festival (2004) Greece, the Jan Cassies award from the Dutch National Fund for Cultural Films for Television (2003) Netherlands.

Selected filmography

  • 100UP, 2020
  • BUDDY, 2018
  • OBLIVION 2008
  • FOREVER, 2006
  • PRIVATE, 2004
  • CRAZY, 1999
  • O AMOR NATURAL, 1996
  • GOODBYE, 1995



Romania 2020
85 minutes
directed by: Andrei Dăscălescu

This is an exclusive road movie in search of answers hidden deep in silence and oblivion.

Andrei Dăscălescu is facing a situation that announces a major, important change in his life. Face to face with his worried wife, unprepared to directly express his own condition and emotions, he takes a camera that he uses more successfully than words and resolutely and bravely undertakes a great documentary endeavor. With his film skills, he tries to break through the invisible walls between the present, the past and the future, and sets out to meet his father, who has renounced the world and left the son in that renunciation. The journey takes us to spaces of deep devotion, to the Holy Mountain, and confronts us with long-buried secrets and conflicts. This is where the unusual friendship between the father, a monk crucified between his duties and family history, and the son begins. A camera helps him to behold and understand his own father and the rest of the world. This is a touching film quest for a father, but also for what it really means to be a father. And finally, a quest for how to become a father himself. This is a dramatic search for reconciliation and a story about the true courage of future parents ready to face the legacy they need to pass on to their child.

A film that enchants you with its warmth and intimacy, as well as with its amazing documenting the deep need to create an inner space for the new life to come.

Andrei Dăscălescu

Born in 1984 in Piatra Neamț, Romania. Studied multimedia and sound editing at the National University of Theatre and Film “I. L. Caragiale” (Universitatea Națională de Artă Teatrală Cini Cinematografică “Ion Luca Caragiale”) in Bucharest. He collaborated in the editing sector with one of the most famous American editors, Walter Murch, on Francis Ford Coppola's film "Youth without Youth". He founded his own production company Filmlab in 2007. Works as director, cinematographer and editor of documentaries. His feature-length documentaries have been in selections and won prestigious awards at some of the most important festivals (IDFA, Sarajevo, Krakow, DOC Lisbon, DOC Aviv). He has been nominated four times, and in 2018 he won the Gopo Award, the Romanian Oscar, for best documentary.

Selected filmography

  • HOLY FATHER, 2020



Denmark, USA, Norway, Zimbabwe 2021
115 minutes
directed by: Camilla Nielsson

A brilliant film awarded at the Sundance Film Festival as the best cinéma vérité film, made in a style that directly places it alongside the legendary "Primary", an achievement that changed the history of film and the world.

Camilla Nielsson is an extraordinary author, not only for her exceptional talent, for her documentary education at the very sources of the revolutionary American direct cinema movement, for her style of a true filmmaker, for her ability to touch the very essence in multitude of events and characters, but also for her exceptional courage, sacrifice and dedication. She had to became part of a persecuted group while making her previous film "Democrats" in drastically controlled conditions of censorship and pressure she almost had to flee because of frightening threats. Finally, the film was banned. The country of events was Zimbabwe. However, when a new phase of the fight against dictatorship was announced, that irresistible documentary challenge brought the Danish author back to African soil, to the very center of the incredibly exciting, dramatic and dangerous adventure of democracy - the presidential election. Camilla Nilsson introduces us directly to all events, follows all important phases, follows how hope is created and grows as a wonderful energy that overwhelms the participants. It follows dramatic skirmishes in which the film crew also participates in a manner of war reporters. Camilla Nielsson and her crew participates in the dark moments of crisis. And most of all in finding strength.

A film that is watched breathlessly as a great story about the cruel collision of a drastic dictatorship and the supreme ideals of democracy.

Camilla Nielsson

Born in Hørsholm, Denmark in 1970. She graduated in anthropology from the University of Copenhagen, and earned a master's degree in visual anthropology from the University of New York, where she studied documentary film and visual anthropology from 1997-2000. at the Department of Anthropology and at the Tisch School of Art, and her mentor was the legendary Albert Meisels. She has worked as a producer and media consultant for UNICEF and UNESCO. She was especially involved in the production of various projects related to children's rights. She has collaborated with Israeli video artist Jael Bartana on the trilogy “Europe Will Be Amazed Too”, on the final film “We Will be Strong in Our Weakness” (“Zamach”) screened at the Venice Biennale and the Berlin Festival 2011. With the film "Democrats", she was at more than 90 festivals around the world and won numerous awards.

Selected filmography

  • PRESIDENT, 2021
  • DEMOCRATS, 2014
  • MUMBAI DISCONNECTED, 2009, with Frederik Jacobi



Georgia, Switzerland, Germany 2021
79 minutes
directed by: Salomé Jashi

A film that marked Sundance Film Festival and the Berlinale with its poetic cry for the salvation of nature and the planet.

Shot in the rural areas of Georgia, this film is a turbulent amalgam of harsh reality and surreal scenes, dreamlike images that carry the deepest representations of the symbolism of the collective unconscious. The film is an incredible saga about the life of trees that many neither respect nor see as living creatures. This is the saga about taming the very essence of nature, about an astonishing endeavor arising from the bizarre need of people of power and money, about an endeavor that inflicts intense suffering and sorrow. This is the document of eradication in the basic meaning of the word in order to satisfy the perverted idea of moving hundred-year-old trees from their natural environment of forests and villages to a newly created park, grove, in a domesticated garden of trees, as in a collection of butterflies pierced by pins. Before our very eyes, reality turns into a legend about a cursed land, into a fairy tale about an enchanted forest, into stories about a hidden powerful giant that moves the world. Stunning scenes never seen in reality on such a scale but only in intense dreams, strike us with their presence in the world that we have allowed to be handed over to those who understand nothing about nature its living beings. The exceptional subtlety of perception and the great artistic talent of the author poetize this story, which remains in us as a painful ode to our fellow relatives in life and our silent protectors.

Salomé Jashi turns her film into the voice of trees of the entire planet.

Salomé Jashi

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1981. She studied journalism and worked as a reporter for several years. She studied documentary film at the Royal Holloway, University of London. She founded two production companies - Sakdoc Film and Microcosmos - both produce films of high artistic value.

Selected filmography

  • BAKHMARO, 2011