Norway, USA 2020
93 minutes
directed by: Viktor Kossakovsky

A masterful film by one of the most important documentarians in the world. Premiered at the Berlin Festival and the New York Festival. The film that was made for the big cinema screen!

Gunda is a story told in images exclusively created in an extraordinary visual style. The black-and-white photography that evokes the best classical films woven into the series of magical scenes takes us into the world of beautiful, large and small entities in areas ruled by the rhythms of nature. Specially inspired by his own childhood memories, the author Viktor Kossakovsky recorded this visual poem with the idea of directing our attention to the irresistible beauty of beings that together with man make up the precious living world of our planet. Beings capable of making us infinitely happy, but that are often neglected and are suffering because of us and from us. A superb work of art, in the creation of which the celebrated Joaquin Phoenix, as an executive producer, helped with his commitment.

A great cinema holiday, a great visual praise of Nature!

Viktor Kossakovsky

Victor Kossakovsky was born in Leningrad in USSR, now Saint Petersburg, Russia on July 19, 1961. An innovative documentary filmmaker, his films have been honored with more than 100 awards in national and international festivals. His distinctive filmography spans many different subjects but always explores the interplay of reality and poetic moments.

He began his career in motion pictures at the Leningrad Studio of Documentaries as assistant cameraman, assistant director and editor in 1978. He studied screenwriting and directing at Moscow HCSF from 1986-1988. In 1989 he directed his first feature LOSEV and then in 1992 made his name with international critics and audiences with his documentary THE BELOVS, which won both the VPRO Joris Ivens Award and the Audience Award at IDFA and dozens of other awards at international festivals around the world. In 2011, Kossakovsky’s !VIVAN LAS ANTIPODAS! was selected as the opening film of the Venice Film Festival. AQUARELA, his technologically groundbreaking and globe-spanning documentary on the shapes of water also premiered in Venice in 2018 before being shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Documentary.

In many of his films Kossakovsky has served simultaneously as director, editor, cinematographer and writer. Currently based in Berlin, he continues to serve as a teacher and mentor to aspiring filmmakers and documentarians globally.

Selected filmography

  • 2020. Gunda
  • 2018. Aquarela
  • 2016. Graine de champion
  • 2015. Sports Kids: Varicella (Documentary short)
  • 2014. Short Plays (segment " Russia")
  • 2014. Demonstration
  • 2011. ¡Vivan las Antipodas!
  • 2005. Svyato
  • 2003. Tiho
  • 2001. I Loved You
  • 1999. Pavel i Lyalya
  • 1997. Sreda
  • 1992. Belovy




Denmark 2019
74 minutes
directed by: CARL OLSSON

Awarded a special prize for artistic excellence at a major international festival in Moscow, this film by a young Danish director with its exceptional style is one of the few close to the works of some of the most important film artists.

This unique documentary is an exclusive journey through the world of the Danish aristocracy as a privileged tour of estates and forests closed to ordinary people and pleasant walks through the rich, luxurious interiors of laird homes. This whole world, precisely determined by inherited protocol and captured by tradition, is presented to us by the author almost as a gallery of exceptional paintings by old masters, painted with modern digital means. A film that creates a view that does not exceed a precisely defined limit of respect, where we perceive the heroes and their dramas with a discreet presence and careful observation. As we enjoy discovering fascinating details, the author develops a story about the burden of birth.

A documentary in which, in enchanting scenes, history and the modern world meet.

Carl Olsson

Carl Olsson was born in 1984 in Kalmar, Sweden. He lives in Copenhagen and works primarily in Denmark and Sweden as a film director.

He is educated at Den Danske Filmskole / The National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen as a documentary film director (2009-2013). He has further received education at Dramatiska Institutet / Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and Nordens Folkhögskola Biskops Arnö in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2014 Carl Olsson was nominated for a Danish Academy Award (Robert Award) for his graduation film ‘Blessed be this Place’. The film has won several international awards and was nominated for the prestigious Camerimage for its camerawork.

Selected filmography

  • 2019 Patrimonium
  • 2020 Samtidigt på Jorden / Meanwhile on Earth



Sweden, Finland, Poland 2020
87 minutes
directed by: Jerzy Śladkowski

The work of a great master of studies on the finest emotions, the master who charmingly and unobtrusively delves into the deep secrets of the soul, an author who superbly poetizes the cruel everyday life and transforms it into the magic of film.

Chekhov's spirit is revived in a film about a group of people on a cruise in search of love. The bitter-sad, touching-comic atmosphere permeates the encounters of men and women who mourn love or long for it. Lost in the timelessness of the moment, between the beginning and the end of the journey through the gentle landscapes of the wide Volga, at one moment they are filled with hope, and at the next with its loss or reawakening. Extremely discreet, and most deeply connected with the heroes, the poetic camera of Wojciech Staroń, and the sense for understanding the most subtle human feelings of Jerzy Śladkowski, achieve a rarely seen fullness and persuasiveness.

A film that invites you to indulge in an enchanting cinema cruise imbued with music.

Jerzy Śladkowski

Born in 1945 in Poland. Graduated from the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Torun and in 1973 from Department of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. During his studies at the faculty, in 1972, he started to work for Polish Television, first as a reporter, then as director of reportages and documentaries. In 1982, he left Poland and settled in Sweden, where he lives and works today. He makes documentary films for Swedish Television and Swedish Film Institute and collaborates also with Finnish, Danish and Norwegian televisions. Since 1993 he is also a contributor to the German public ZDF TV and ARTE satellite channel.

After the departure of Polish made over 30 documentaries mostly on social issues and many of them in Russia. Since 2011 collaborates with Polish Film Institute and since 2012 works as a tutor at Academy of Documentary Arts (ADA) in Warsaw. Won FELIX, European Film Academy Award, in 1996. He is Member of the European Film Academy (EFA).

Selected filmography

  • BITTER LOVE, 2020
  • DON JUAN, 2015
  • VODKA FACTORY (Vodkafabriken), 2010
  • PARADISE (Paradiset), 2007
  • BEST FRIENDS (Bästisar), 2006
  • VIEW FROM THE DRAKNESS (Utsikt från Värtan), 2005
  • CADETS AND VIRGINS (Kadetter och oskulder), 2003
  • THE LAPP SICKNESS (Lappsjukan), 2001
  • SWEDISH TANGO (Schwedischer Tango), 1999
  • VENDETTA - ALBANIAN BLOOD FEUD (Vendetta - Albańska zemsta krwi), 1996
  • CHILDREN OF THE THUNDRA (Dzieci tundry), 1994
  • TRIANGLE OF DEATH (Dödens triangel), 1990



Germany, Argentina 2015
85 minutes
directed by: German Kral

Buenos Aires nights echo with the sounds of the bandoneon, with stories of love, and with the unique and unmatchable beauty of tango. During such nights one of the greatest dancers in the history of tango, Maria Nieves, and her legendary partner, Juan Carlos Copes, share their memories with a group of young dancers and choreographers, who in turn convert their stories into breath-taking choreographies. These are stunning in their execution, not only supremely sophisticated and masterful, but also powerful in the emotions they embody with their movements. Before our eyes the dances transform into stories of love and passion, of tenderness and pain, of vulnerability and strength imbued by harmony.

Masterful photography and camerawork, echoing unforgettable cinema cast a permanent spell with the scenes and images unfolding on the screen. Equally so, the close-ups of the two charismatic dancers, whose faces still radiate the fullness of emotion and dignity. Also extraordinary are the reconstructions of the milongas of Buenos Aires, those seminal events and places where energies crossed to create tango, where dancers’ steps wrote out its living history, whose essence the participants and authors of the film aim to reach. There is no doubt that German Kral is the ideal author of this documentary – Argentinian by birth, a European filmmaker by education and experience, and long-time collaborator of Wim Wenders, his professor at the Munich film school, whose influence extends beyond the role of executive producer on this film.

An exciting work which interweaves a dramatic love story with unforgettable inspired movements of tango’s finest dancers captured by fascinating and kinesthetic shots.

German Kral

Born in 1968 in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Moved to Germany in 1991 to study film at the Munich Film School. Between 1993 and 1996 he worked as a student with Wim Wenders on the film “A Trick of the Light”. His diploma film “Images of the Absence”, was awarded the First Prize at the Yamagata Film Festival in Japan. His film “Música Cubana“, executive produced by Wim Wenders, had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival and has been sold all over the world. He is based in Munich and Buenos Aires.

Selected filmography

  • IMAGES OF THE ABSENCE (Imágenes de la ausencia), 1998
  • BERND AJHINGER, WHEN LIFE BECOMES FILM (Bernd Eichinger, When Life Becomes Film), 2000
  • THAT’S LIFE (So ist das Leben – La vida es así), 2002
  • THE LAST APPLAUSE (El último aplauso), 2009
  • OUR LAST TANGO (Un tango más), 2015



Czech Republic, France, Argentina, Austria 2019
84 minutes
directed by: Artemio Benki

A documentary that tells an equally exciting story about the colorful world and the music that fills and transforms it.

A poignant drama about a hero torn between his extraordinary talent and the dark abyss of mental illness. Discreet, simply recorded scenes of a psychiatric institution and urban spaces without splendor, scenes that are always on the verge of drama, reveal an unusual, charismatic hero in a constant struggle for dignity and preservation of his precious ability to express himself artistically. His contacts with other patients of the psychiatric clinic, or admirers of his virtuoso playing of the piano, reveal complex layers of a person in states of agitation or rare moments of calm. From restraint to victory and vice versa, we follow a story told without prejudice and with the deepest empathy that expands our understanding of the human psyche and condition.

Collisions of existential anguish with music that ennobles and liberates.

Artemio Benki

Artemio Benki was born on 21st April 1966 in Paris. He started to work in media by the age of 13 as freelance radio journalist, at age 18 he joined L’Autre Journal as a journalist collaborating with Marguerite Duras and Herve Guibert.

Benki arrived in Prague for the first time in 1989 to make a short documentary about Roma refugees. Since 1992 he lived and worked in Prague. He founded a production company Sirena Film two years later, and in 2000, also co-founded a distribution company Artcam Films.

As a producer, Benki co-worked on several films shot in the Czech Republic - such as A Royal Affair (2012), Marguerite (2015), Personal Shopper (2016), The Dancer (2016) or The Hummorist (2019).

As a director, French-born author shot mostly short films. The greatest success Artemio Benki achieved with his documentary debut Solo (2019). A story about a young Argentinian mentally ill piano virtuoso premiered in Cannes' ACID.

Selected filmography

  • 2019. Solo



The Netherlands 2019
95 minutes
directed by: Oeke Hoogendijk

A dramatic documentary exclusive insight into the world behind the facades of top art, the author who amazed us with a saga about the reconstruction of one of the largest museums in Europe.

Through masterful direction, Oeke Hoogendijk tells a story about a sensation roaring through the world, the discovery of a new and previously unknown painting of the greatest of the greatest masters, Rembrandt, and transforms it to an exciting thriller that leaves us breathless. This film shows us the world behind the art, the world of collectors, art historians, authenticity experts, those possessed by both true passion and prestige, with discrete dark shades of basic greed. This is a fascinating story about a detective search from the sensing of vague outlines in the shadows and secrets of time, to the brutal penetration of x-rays and flashes in the hunt for the unseen. Balancing between fascination with the subtlest ups and downs of genius and the need to possess or profit, the heroes of this film are constantly torn, revealing the face of the modern world driven by ambition to ceaselessly produce newer and newer things and to raise values on a pedestal which simultaneously degrades and questions them.

A film that truly ‘touches’ for you the original works of masters and leads you into the space of their complex and turbulent existence.

Oeke Hoogendijk

Graduated theatre directing from the Academy of Arts in Utrecht (1990). She directed stage shows from 1990 until 1996 at numerous companies. In 1997 she studied television documentary at the Media Academy and worked as director for VPRO television programme. In 1998 she directed the documentary “A Happy Time” (Een gelukkige tijd) in conjunction with Paul Cohen, which was rewarded with the Dutch Academy Award and the Euro-Comenius Award (Vienna).

Selected filmography

  • A Happy Time (Een gelukkige tijd), 1998, with Polom Koenom
  • The Holocaust Experience, 2002.
  • The New Rijksmuseum (Het nieuwe Rijksmuseum), 2008.
  • The New Rijksmuseum – FILM (Het nieuwe Rijksmuseum – De Film), 2014.
  • My Rembrandt, 2019.



Finland 2019
85 minutes
directed by: Joonas Berghäll

The celebrated author of the film about saunas, one of the greatest documentary hits in Finland, reveals in his latest work the world of unrecognized emotions of Finnish men. Talking, above all, about the deep longing for intimacy, made with a virtuoso authorial procedure, this is a film of exceptional strength and beauty.

Starting from the surprising conclusion of the research, according to which Finns are declared the happiest people in the modern world, the author documents a different, exciting, extremely emotional and colorful world of Finland, through the story of several men who reveal their sorrows, disappointments, sufferings and hopelessness. Colored with harsh humor, this film of stunning camera and photography takes us through mysterious and at times surreal landscapes. With complete openness, and as the protagonist of the story, the author masterfully intertwines individual currents, building a broad and complex image without stereotypes about the unusual mentality, misunderstanding, rejection and conflict, but also the universality of the deep sensitivity of Finnish men.

A top representative of always especially inspiring Finnish documentaries.

Joonas Berghäll

Producer, writer and director Joonas Berghäll was born in Kemi, Finland in 1977 and graduated from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland in 2005 with a degree from the Faculty or Arts. He has been involved in film productions from 1998 and runs his own production company Oktober Oy since 2004.

Joonas has gained a reputation as a creative director and producer who invests in high-quality documentary and fiction films focusing on cutting-edge social issues that evoke both strong feelings and deep thoughts.

His previous film as a director, Steam of Life (2010), was nominated for European Film award and was chosen to present Finland as a first-time Academy Award nominee in the international documentary category. Since then, the film has won numerous awards.

Selected filmography

  • 2020. The Red Ring
  • 2019. The Happiest Man on Earth
  • 2015. Äidin Toive (Mothers´s wish)
  • 2010. Steam of Life
  • 2004. Freedom to Serve