Austria, 2022
110 minutes
director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter

A grandiose fresco about the state of our planet. After extraordinary films Homo sapiens and Earth, the great Austrian documentary filmmaker once again shows traces of man around the world, traces that are increasingly becoming an unavoidable testimony of our existence.

The title “Matter out of place”, or abbreviated MOOP, refers to marking everything that does not originally belong to the soil, no matter how small, and the term was created through a project "leave no traces" initiated in the USA.

All over the planet, regardless of the level of development and wealth, culture or religious differences, man is extremely and irresistibly productive in the production of all he declares that he does not need. And the scale of what man rejects litters the planet and surprises more and more with its persistent accumulation and long-lasting existance. Through visually superior scenes Nikolaus Geyrhalter takes us on an incredible journey from highly civilized Austria to poor suburbs somewhere in Nepal, from the tourist paradise of Maldives to the shores of Albania, on land and sea and under the sea. Distant, extremely aestheticized, often surreal scenes reveal to us incomprehensible and unmeasurable human interventions in open spaces - gigantic landfills and sophisticated, somewhat monstrous waste processing factories. The author creates a powerful documentary film that, as it develops, confronts us more and more with intractable problems and with the astonishing arrogance of the human species. The film explodes in the final sequence in complete counterpoint to the previous course as an important promise for a different world.

Certainly one of the most important documentaries of the 21st century.

Nikolaus Gejrhalter

Born in Vienna in 1972. Formed his own production company at the age of 22. His first documentary film "Angeschwemmt" of 1994 is the story of life on the Danube. Films "Pripyat" in 1999 and "Elsewhere" in 2001 brought him great international acclaim as a superb cinematographer and documentary filmmaker. He works as a director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer. Winner of numerous important awards.

Selected filmography

  • WASHED ASHORE (Angeschwemmt), 1994
  • THE YEAR AFTER DAYTON (Das Jahr nach Dayton), 1997
  • PRIPYAT, 1999
  • ELSEWHERE, 2001
  • OUR DAILY BREAD (Unser täglich Brot), 2005
  • 7915 km, 2008
  • NIGHT LAND (Abendland), 2011
  • DANUB HOSPITAL (Donauspital), 2012
  • CERN, 2013
  • OVER THE YEARS (Über die Jahre), 2015
  • HOMO SAPIENS, 2016
  • THE BORDER FENCE (Die bauliche massnahme), 2018
  • EARTH (Erde), 2019