Denmark 2022
81 minutes
directed by: Michael Graversen

A stunning intrusion of the camera into "life not ready for filming", brilliant cinéma vérité, a superb documentary that is created before the eyes of the viewers through the constant interaction of the author and the participants.

Michael Graversen takes us on a long journey to the places of his childhood and with a camera, breaks into his parents' house unannounced. And while we as viewers are still surprised by the author's intrusion and the confusion of the father, Mr. Graversen, and the bewilderment of the delighted mother who is trying to clean up the mess in front of the camera, the author decides to, ignoring the unprepared parents, reach his true hidden goal. Father and mother are together, but they live separate lives and everything seems a bit bleak and irreparable. Long ago, when their son was a boy, life changed suddenly and dramatically for them. For several years, the boy hovered between life and death, and that unbearable threat of a tragic outcome completely separated the parents and almost extinguished their relationship. This film is a story of attempts at understanding and reconciliation, but it is also an exciting testimony to the magnificent power of documentary film. Thanks to the rarely seen healing presence of the camera, a new inner space for change opens before the father and mother. Mr. Graversen allows himself to show his love for his wife again and for the two of them to walk the path of healing their suffering and bitterness together. This film is a double victory for the author - the realization of the dream of every child in the world - that the love of a father and mother creates a home, and the fulfillment of the dream of a dedicated documentarian - to honestly touch real life with a camera and film.

A witty, emotional and unique testimony about deep family ties, but also about the process in which film and reality are mutually shaped. A great documentary manifesto!

Michael Graversen

Born in 1980 in Tønder in Danmark. He graduated from the National Film and Television School in London, England in 2013. He directs documentaries on existential or socially relevant topics. His films were screened and awarded at numerous festivals in Europe and over the world.

Selected filmography

  • NO MAN’S LAND (Ingenmandsland) 2013.
  • DREAMING OF DANMARK (Drømmen om Danmark) 2015.
  • MR. GRAVERSEN 2022.