Netherlands 2021
82 minutes
director: Oeke Hoogendijk

The work of a prominent Dutch director famous for her magnificent films dealing with the world of art, which introduce us to the exclusive spaces behind the splendor and beauty that we admire.

This film brings before us one of the most controversial issues related to archaeological and artistic heritage. Impartially and always respecting the need to listen to the other side, author Oeke Hoogendijk follows, since 2014, a process full of twists and turns, the battle of lawyers, laws and regulations. The priceless archaeological and artistic treasure of Crimea presented at an exhibition in the Netherlands has suddenly become the subject of an intractable controversy - to whom it actually belongs after the political changes that took place during the exhibition. The discreet and, for many, imperceptible museum director in Amsterdam decides to become an unexpected hero by asking the question, ready to stand up for silent, wonderful objects and provide them with unlimited shelter. Before us, through a series of exciting portraits of the main participants and unexpected events the story of the incredible fate of objects of a long-lost nation is developing and becoming more and more complex. Superb camera and editing as in great feature films, with a masterful director’s work by Oeke Hoogendijk, create a saga about archaeologists and their love, about the nightmare that the Scythians unknowingly experience centuries after they disappeared in the labyrinths of history, about valuables that deserve to be preserved by those who gave them themselves in return.

An unexpected, thrilling cinematic experience that takes you from the excavations of Crimea to the cool, contemporary designed spaces of the Netherlands and back.

Oeke Hoogendijk

Born on 5th August, 1961 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Studied at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, where she graduated in theater direction (1990). Directed theater performances from 1990 to 1996 with numerous theater companies. In 1997, she studied television documentary film at the Media Academy and worked as a director for VPRO television program. In 1998, she directed, together with Paul Cohen, the documentary film "Happy Time" (Een Gelukkike Tijd) which received the award of the Dutch Film Academy and the "Euro-Comenius" award (Vienna). Later she specializes in films on the world of art. For ten years, she followed the epic renovation of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and made a world-famous and award-winning documentary about it, as well as the film about the discovery of a previously unknown Rembrandt painting in 2019.

Selected filmography

  • A HAPPY TIME (Een gelukkige tijd), 1998, with Paul Cohen
  • THE NEW RIJKSMUSEUM (Het nieuwe Rijksmuseum), 2008
  • THE NEW RIJKSMUSEUM – FILM (Het nieuwe Rijksmuseum – De Film), 2014
  • MARTEN & OOPJEN: PORTRAIT OF A MARIAGE (Marten & Oopjen: Portret van een huwelijk), 2019
  • MY REMBRANT (Mijn Rembrandt), 2019
  • HOUSEWITZ, 2021
  • THE TREASURES OF CRIMEA (De Schatten van de Krim), 2021
  • LICHT, 2022