Serbia, 2010
100 minutes
directed by: Mila Turajlić

This remarkable view of history came after nearly five years of work by young Belgrade author Mila Turajlić. It was created as a dynamic and highly appealing time machine that leads us into through the landscapes of the now imaginary, nonexistent country, thorough disintegrated remains of Yugoslavia’s biggest film studio as well as through fireworks of images from the forgotten Yugoslav films. ”Cinema Komunisto” constructs an intricate film composition from a skillful bricolage of exclusive archival materials, feature film shots, present-day footage of important film and historical locations, and testimonies of the prominent individuals from the development and golden age of Yugoslavia after World War II. A critical examination of the dominant war film, fortified by the most fascinating period of Avala film - the time when numerous foreign co-productions, with vast set designs and hundreds of exotically costumed extras, used to bring the most famous movie stars to Belgrade. Recalling some of the top ranges of Yugoslav cinema with nostalgia and appreciation, this film critically examines ideological contexts and reveals an entire series of extraordinary, hitherto unknown, details of the Yugoslav film history.



Srbija, Francuska, Katar 2017
100 minuta
režija: Mila Turajlić

Mila Turajlić’s documentary of an intriguing title “The Other Side of Everything” is indeed a new, unusual and unexpected young author’s look on family and collective history. This is a kind of sequel to the story of a nonexistent country ("Cinema Komunisto"), but this time from a very personal perspective of a brave, thoughtful and empathic woman who left a truly significant trace before and after the last turbulent social changes with her dedicated engagement. “The Other Side of Everything” is also the testimony of what it meant to be on the other side at times when divisions fatefully determined the lives of people, but also an attempt to cross the drastically drawn line of the forbidden zone after several decades and finally discover what is on the other side, on the other side of all the values of the world roughly pushed into the shadow and disappearance. Finally, this is also a new, lyrical documentary narrative that Mila Turajlić develops very skillfully and consistently, starting with carefully chosen scenes which she recorded as a dedicated cinematographer, up to finely nuanced flows which she interweaves building exciting collisions of dramatic events on the background of intimately intonated atmosphere, the emotional backbone of the entire film.

Mila Turajlić

Born in 1979 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Graduated Film and TV Production at FDU in Belgrade and specialized in documentary filmmaking at La Fémis in Paris. Received PhD in cinema from the University of Westminster. MSc and BSc in Politics and International Relations from the London School of Economics.

Mila's debut documentary film "Cinema Komunisto", premiered at IDFA and the Tribeca Film Festival, and went on to win 16 awards including the Gold Hugo at the Chicago International Film Festival in 2011, and the FOCAL Award for Creative Use of Archival Footage. Theatrically released in France, UK, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, "Cinema Komunisto" was broadcast across Europe. “The Other Side of Everything” premiered at the Toronto IFF in 2017, and went on to win 20 awards including IDFA Award for Best Documentary Film. The film was HBO Europe’s first co-production with Serbia, and had a record-breaking theatrical release in Serbia.

Mila teaches workshops in self-producing at the Balkan Discoveries (by Balkan Documentary Center, Bulgaria) and on archive use in creative documentaries at Archidoc (by La Fémis, France). She has been a guest lecturer at UCL (London), Sorbonne (Paris), Harvard, Yale and University of Michigan.

Worked as the producer of the Magnificent 7 Festival since its creation in 2005. She is a founding member of DOKSerbia, the Association of documentary filmmakers of Serbia, and served as the first President of the Board.

Selected filmography

  • THE OTHER SIDE OF EVERYTHING (Druga strana svega), 2017