Denmark 2019
74 minutes
directed by: CARL OLSSON

Awarded a special prize for artistic excellence at a major international festival in Moscow, this film by a young Danish director with its exceptional style is one of the few close to the works of some of the most important film artists.

This unique documentary is an exclusive journey through the world of the Danish aristocracy as a privileged tour of estates and forests closed to ordinary people and pleasant walks through the rich, luxurious interiors of laird homes. This whole world, precisely determined by inherited protocol and captured by tradition, is presented to us by the author almost as a gallery of exceptional paintings by old masters, painted with modern digital means. A film that creates a view that does not exceed a precisely defined limit of respect, where we perceive the heroes and their dramas with a discreet presence and careful observation. As we enjoy discovering fascinating details, the author develops a story about the burden of birth.

A documentary in which, in enchanting scenes, history and the modern world meet.

Carl Olsson

Carl Olsson was born in 1984 in Kalmar, Sweden. He lives in Copenhagen and works primarily in Denmark and Sweden as a film director.

He is educated at Den Danske Filmskole / The National Film School of Denmark in Copenhagen as a documentary film director (2009-2013). He has further received education at Dramatiska Institutet / Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and Nordens Folkhögskola Biskops Arnö in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2014 Carl Olsson was nominated for a Danish Academy Award (Robert Award) for his graduation film ‘Blessed be this Place’. The film has won several international awards and was nominated for the prestigious Camerimage for its camerawork.

Selected filmography

  • 2019 Patrimonium
  • 2020 Samtidigt på Jorden / Meanwhile on Earth