Finland 2019
85 minutes
directed by: Joonas Berghäll

The celebrated author of the film about saunas, one of the greatest documentary hits in Finland, reveals in his latest work the world of unrecognized emotions of Finnish men. Talking, above all, about the deep longing for intimacy, made with a virtuoso authorial procedure, this is a film of exceptional strength and beauty.

Starting from the surprising conclusion of the research, according to which Finns are declared the happiest people in the modern world, the author documents a different, exciting, extremely emotional and colorful world of Finland, through the story of several men who reveal their sorrows, disappointments, sufferings and hopelessness. Colored with harsh humor, this film of stunning camera and photography takes us through mysterious and at times surreal landscapes. With complete openness, and as the protagonist of the story, the author masterfully intertwines individual currents, building a broad and complex image without stereotypes about the unusual mentality, misunderstanding, rejection and conflict, but also the universality of the deep sensitivity of Finnish men.

A top representative of always especially inspiring Finnish documentaries.

Joonas Berghäll

Producer, writer and director Joonas Berghäll was born in Kemi, Finland in 1977 and graduated from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland in 2005 with a degree from the Faculty or Arts. He has been involved in film productions from 1998 and runs his own production company Oktober Oy since 2004.

Joonas has gained a reputation as a creative director and producer who invests in high-quality documentary and fiction films focusing on cutting-edge social issues that evoke both strong feelings and deep thoughts.

His previous film as a director, Steam of Life (2010), was nominated for European Film award and was chosen to present Finland as a first-time Academy Award nominee in the international documentary category. Since then, the film has won numerous awards.

Selected filmography

  • 2020. The Red Ring
  • 2019. The Happiest Man on Earth
  • 2015. Äidin Toive (Mothers´s wish)
  • 2010. Steam of Life
  • 2004. Freedom to Serve