Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, 2018
80 minutes
directed by: Kristīne Briede and Audrius Stonys

This is a simple, but at the same time a very complex road movie, an unusual detective search and a documentary essay of supreme poetics, a time machine envisioned as a bridge in time created to testify to the existence of the “Bridges of time” and their creators.

Similar to cinema sagas where a group of retired veterans is gathered, Latvian director, Kristine Briede and her Lithuanian colleague, who is also one of the greatest European authors, Audrius Stonys, embark on their journey through Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in search for old authors of the Baltic school of poetic documentary from the ‘60s. Assimilated into the place they live in, which contributes to the confirmation of their glorious talent, these documentarists, these grand, old men with their sharp views and their deep thoughts agreed to document and poetize reality one more time, without holding cameras in their hands, as if creating a masterpiece of their own. They start and develop an unusual philosophical dispute over the nature and the meaning of a documentary with only few words, always open to the world, listening attentively to their discrete yet powerful inner voices. During this uninterrupted live dialogue with the camera, altogether with the film crew that recorded and accompanied them, in the combination with the breathtaking frames of their films made a long time ago as well as with creatures and the world that surrounds them emerges a breathtaking magic circle which represents the venue of metaphysical interfusion.

This delicate documentary stands for a magnificent manifesto of documentarism and an ode to great masters of poetic expression in films - Herz Frank, Uldis Brauns, Ivars Seleckis, Mark Soosaar, Andres Sööt, Robertas Verba, Henrikas Šablevičius and Aivars Freimanis. Truly inspired by their glorious predecessors, Kristīne Briede and Audrius Stonys cooperate with one of the most important Baltic producers, Uldis Cekulis, to create a detailed study of an exquisite period of the artistic documentary, author’s ideas and method of operation, thus creating a complete work on the phenomenon of time and endurance.

Kristīne Briede

Kristīne Briede was born 17th of June 1970 in Cesis, Latvia. From 1991 to 1995 worked in Nordic Information Office in Riga, and as an interpreter and translator of Norwegian literature and as a writer and photographer for Latvian press. From 1995 works with “Locomotive filmmakers collective” as a producer, writer and director. From 2000 has been living and working in Karosta, Liepaja, where she is one of the initiators and founders of "The Culture and information center K@2". She is also the co-founder of New Media and Culture Center “RIXC” in Riga. In 2006 awarded by Latvian Culture Ministry prize “Three brothers” for the “K@2 Karosta” project, the regeneration of a former Soviet military base and establishing of the New Media Arts programme at the University of Liepaja. Has received numerous recognitions for her projects in Latvia in the fields of art, cinema and society integration. Has produced and directed more than ten short documentaries and short fiction films.

Selected filmography

  • BRIDGES OF TIMES (Laiko tiltai), 2018.

Audrius Stonys

Born in 1966 in Vilnius, Lithuania. From 1984 to 1989 studied at Vilnius State Conservatory. In 1989 had internship at Jonas Mekas Anthology Film Archive in New York. In 1992 the documentary film “Earth of the Blind” was recognised by European Film Academy as the Best European Documentary Film of the Year and received Felix Award. In 2004 and 2005 was lecturer on Documentary in European Film College, Denmark. Lectures and master classes at Waseda (Japan), Berkeley and Stanford Universities (USA), Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain), and in Kolkata, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Moscow, Belgrade, Barcelona, San Francisco, Carpi Modena, Paris. Retrospectives and film presentations held in in Switzerland, Russia, France, Israel, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Uruguay, Italy, India, France and Japan. Since 2009 teaches at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. Recipient of Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award.

Selected filmography

  • BRIDGES OF TIMES (Laiko tiltai), 2018
  • WOMAN AND THE GLACIER (Moteris ir ledynas), 2016
  • GATES OF THE LAMB (Avinėlio vartai), 2014
  • CENOTAPH (Kenotafas), 2013
  • RAMIN, 2011
  • FOUR STEPS (Keturi žingsniai), 2008
  • THE BELL (Varpas), 2007
  • UKU UKAI, 2006
  • 510 SECONDS OF SILENCE (Skrydis per Lietuvą arba 510 sekundžių tylos), 2000 with Arunas Matelis
  • FLYING OVER BLUE FIELD (Skrajojimai mėlynam lauke), 1996
  • ANTIGRAVITATION (Antigravitacija), 1995
  • EARTH OF THE BLIND (Neregių žemė), 1992