Italy, France 2018
84 minutes
directed by: Claudia Tosi

Do you have an attitude? Do you have ideas? Do you have a vision? Do you have a dream? These are the questions posed by the winner of the “Golden Dove” and the FIPRESCI (The International Federation of Film Critics) award of the great European festival in Leipzig, which, in its title, paraphrases the famous sentence at the beginning of Martin Luther King’s speech.

Claudia Tosi, a dedicated Italian author and filmmaker, devotedly followed two remarkable women for ten years, two spirited compatriots, Manuela and Daniela, in their activities and fights for ideas, values and dreams. In constant movement, from place to place, from one event to another, from one significant social change to another, these two charismatic women activists show us the strength, endurance and persistence, the energy they selflessly put into each of their gestures, words and thoughts. Motivated by sincere needs to change and enrich their surroundings, they begin to fight and encourage others to take part in making changes. As self-declared spokespersons for women’s rights, from being ordinary citizens they become politicians – Manuela as a member of the Italian parliament, Daniela active in her own town, and they readily face the traditional prejudices and intolerance. Constantly turned to requisitioning the fundamental social, Italian and European values, Manuela and Daniela do not give up, not even during the toughest moments, above all, aware of the great responsibility which they have been entrusted with. Nevertheless, the world keeps changing dramatically, bringing along big dilemmas and doubts with these changes.

With a magnificent documentary idea, in the style of the best cinéma verité, the author, Claudia Tosi who herself, it seems, in time, became part of the struggle she is dynamically documenting, poses her documentary in front of the two protagonists as a sort of a mirror. In the darkness of the movie theatre “I Had a Dream” gains its exciting cinematic layer. The magic of the movies, the magic of mirrors, which makes everything more realistic and greater than life, provokes and inspires the protagonists to comment and criticise themselves, in a humorous, emotional and brisk way. The testimony of time, people and actions turned into a cinematic event becomes a living, present actor.


Claudia Tosi

Born in Modena, Italy. She has studied philosophy at the University of Bologna. She started as a director in 1998, working on television shows and commercials. From 2003 on, Tosi has directed and produced documentary films. In 2004, she founded “Movimenta” a production company that focuses on creating and international promotion of creative documentary films.

Selected filmography

  • I HAD A DREAM (Avevo un sogno), 2018
  • VERSO CASA, 2016